KFA2 GeForce GTX 1660 Super Graphics Card


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The new GeForce GTX 1660 Super is meticulously crafted to offer superior heat dissipation using premium materials, so it runs as cool as it looks.

GTX 1660 Super uses NVIDIA Turing architecture that fuses together real-time ray tracing, artificial intelligence and programmable shading. You've never created and enjoyed games like this before. Ray tracing is the definitive solution for lifelike lighting, reflection and shadows; offering a level of realism far beyond what is possible using he traditional rendering techniques. NVIDIA Turing is the first GPU capable of real-time ray teaching.

Another software feature is NVIDIA Ansel is a revolutionary way to capture in-game shots and share the moment. Compose your screenshots from any position, adjust them with post-process filters, capture HDR images in high-fidelity formats, and share them in 360 degrees using your mobile phone, PC, or VR headset.

NVIDIA Highlights enables automatic video capture of key moments, clutch kills, and match-winning plays, ensuring your best gaming moments are always saved.  Additionally, they can also clip their favorite 15 seconds and share as an animated GIF - all without leaving the game!

Sharing is even easier with GeForce Experience. Hit “Alt+Z” to open the in-game overlay and quickly share Highlights or Ansel images to your social media pages.

GPUs are held back by synthetic benchmarks that pushed power usage to the limit forcing us to throttle GPUs losing spare performance. GPU Boost resolves this problem by continuously monitoring power usage and temperatures, enabling the GPU to use every last ounce of performance without exceeding safety or comfort limits.

The GTX 1660 Super also features Game Ready Drivers; it gives users better gaming experience with the latest display technologies. The game ready drivers are mainly released to boost performance, fix bugs, and improve gaming experience when there are new major game releases.

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Manufacturer KFA2
Model GTX 1660 Super
GPU CUDA Cores 1408 MHz
Boost Clock 1800 MHz
1-Click OC Clock 1815 MHz
Memory Speed 14 Gbps
Memory Interface Width 192-bit GDDR6
Memory Bandwidth 336 GB/sec
Multi Monitor 3 displays
Standard Display Connectors DP 1.4, HDMI 2.0b, DVI-D
Maximum Graphics Card Power 125W
Minimum System Power Requirement 450W
Supplementary Power Connectors 8-pin
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