Kingston ValueRAM 4GB (1 x 4GB) DDR4 2666MHz


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Why Choose Kingston?

With over a quarter of a century of desktop/notebook memory expertise, Kingston has the knowledge and resources to support your needs.  The Kingston ValueRam 4GB DDR4 memory is a perfect starting point for system builders or when choosing your own motherboard bundle.


Kingston is one of the few manufacturers that qualifies all components and tests modules at all stages of production. More

Lifetime Warranty

All Kingston memory is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Kingston ValueRAM Memory

When you know what you want, you want Kingston ValueRAM®. It’s designed and tested to meet JEDEC industry standards and lets you buy memory according to spec.

 If your system is lagging or a program doesn’t respond or won’t load, you may have a memory shortage. You may see subtle signs, like poor performance in everyday tasks, or you may be receiving “out of memory” messages.

Add reliable Kingston memory and watch your productivity soar. Pages may load faster and launching new applications may be easier and faster, leaving you more time for that important project.

Package Type Retail
Manufacturer Kingston
Model  KVR21N15S8/4
Warranty 12 Months 
Capacity  4GB DDR4 
Clock Speed   2133Mhz 

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