XPG Infarex M10 Mouse + R10 Mouse Pad


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Lighting up the perfection for the battlefield

The best warriors in the world need the best weapons in their hands. The INFAREX M10 gaming mouse and the INFAREX R10 gaming mousepad are equipped with dazzling RGB lights to brighten up the gaming experience. Simply tap the surface of the INFAREX R10 to switch between nine different lighting modes, thus creating different atmospheres for different games. The INFAREX M10 mouse, with its 3200 DPI optic sensitivity and Ultrapolling tracking system, allows gamers to precisely lock on to their targets and eliminate them.

● RGB Lighting Effects

● Durable and Scratch-Resistant
● Perfect Precision for the Perfect Shot
● Ergonomic Design, Comfortable Gaming

RGB Lighting Effects

The INFAREX R10 comes with three different lighting modes: mono-colored lights (7 colors to choose from), cycling lights, and pulsing lights. Gamers can configure their gaming experience according to their preferences, to help them get in the zone and defeat all enemies.

Durable and Scratch-Resistant

The INFAREX R10 is made of tough, scratch-resistant PVC, allowing it to be used on a variety of surfaces. The mousepad itself has the perfect amount of friction, so users can move the mouse with maximum precision, thus ensuring that they will never be at a disadvantage on the battlefield.

Perfect Precision for the Perfect Shot

The INFAREX M10 mouse has a top optical sensitivity of 3200 DPI. It also comes with a DPI adjustment button, allowing the user to change sensitivity settings on the fly. Furthermore, the Ultrapolling 125Hz tracking system gives users perfect precision, so that mouse movements can be both fast and accurate.

Ergonomic Design, Comfortable Gaming

The design of the INFAREX M10 takes into account the comfort of gamers' grips, based on a natural and relaxed hand position. All motions, including lifting the mouse and sweeping it across the mousepad, can be done quickly, easily, and precisely, which means gamers can immerse themselves in the experience with minimal hand fatigue.

Manufacturer XPG
Model Infarex M10 + Infarex R10
Mouse Switch 10 million clicks
Mouse DPI 800/1600/2400/3200
Mouse Acceleration 8G
Mouse Ultrapolling 125Hz
Mouse Lighting Effect Full RGB color
Mouse Voltage 5V
Mouse Current 100mA
System Windows7/Vista/XP
Mousepad Interface PVC Hard Surface
Mousepad Lighting Mode 7 Single solid color lighting & 2 Rainbow Breathing
Mousepad Voltage 4.4V - 5v
Mousepad Current 350mA

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