The Zalman Keyboard & Mouse Multimedia Bundle


Wait until you see this amazing keyboard and mouse bundle Zi-Clone has for every and any user of the computer

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Zi-Clone are glad to bring you the Zalman Multimedia bundle, this bundle contains a keyboard and mouse only. This keyboard and mouse works well with all types of users.

The Zalman ZM-K300M keyboard has:

– Multimedia feature with 20 hot keys for easy access
– Ergonomically
designed to minimize user`s wrist fatigue
– Long lasting laser carved key
– Durable 10 million times key life
– Adjust the height to your own
– 8 blue coloured direction keys and Key Mate (key removal tool)

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And the Zalman ZM-M100 mouse:

The Zalman ZM-M100 optical mouse has a 1000 dpi Avago 2700 sensor, optical
technology, USB interface and is comfortable in either hand.

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 Manufacturer  Zalman
 Model  Mouse: ZM-M100 | Keyboard: ZM-K300M 
 Warranty  12 months 
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