CoolerMaster MH751 Headset




The MH751 Gaming Headset offers high-quality sound with high-comfort fit for your longest battle royale sessions. 40mm Neodymium drivers provide full, balanced sound, while the omnidirectional mic keeps communications crystal clear within your squad. And plush, swivelling earcups provide superior comfort as you pursue a victory royale.

Crystal-clear Comms

An omnidirectional boom mic makes your voice sound natural and provides clear communication with your squad.

Superior Comfort

Swiveling cups, plush cushions, and leatherette padding.
The only way it could be more comfortable is if they were marshmallows.

Sound Quality To Match

40mm Neodymium drivers gives the kind of full, balanced sound your games deserve.

Connects To Anything You Can Game On

3.5mm standard jack is compatible with PC, PS4, XBox, and even most mobile setups.

As Portable As It Gets

Detachable cable and mic, and a foldable design means you can take your marathon sessions on the go.

Timelessly Good Looking

The MH751 is all black with no showy logos or flashy lighting.


Manufacturer CoolerMaster
Product Number MH-751
Headphone Driver Diameter 40mm
Headphone Response Frequency 20-20,000Hz
Headphone Impedance 26Ω
Headphone Sensitivities (@1KHz)97dB ± 3 dB
Headphone Cable Length 1.5m 3.5mm connector (removable), 0.3m dual 3.5mm cable (removable)
Headphone Connector 3.5mm 4-pole jack
Headband Material Steel and plastic headband, PU leather and foam cushion
Headphone Ear Cushion Steel and plastic headband, PU leather and foam cushion
Microphone Frequency Response 100 Hz - 10,000 Hz
Microphone Sensitivities -42 ± 3dB (@ 1KHz)
Microphone Signal to Noise Ratio 55dB
Microphone Type Detachable flexible microphone
Warranty 2 years

Additional information

Weight 0.5 g
Dimensions 14.9 × 8.5 × 21.5 cm