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Looking good - Custom Build PC Service

We all look forward to getting our gaming on, but how do we make sure it is just right?  First, you have taken the time to choose the right components for yourself. Then you have spent time looking at the manual's and following how-to guides. Finally, you pluck up the courage to begin, great!  But what if there was a better way? Call us on 01922 746840 or e-mail for more information and pricing on custom build PC services.

Custom Build PC Service

Let our trained and qualified technicians build your PC with care and enthusiasm.  Making sure all the cable management is just so.  Applying the correct amount of thermal compound and positioning the fans correctly.  Checking that the PC has the correct airflow for the components.  Making suggestions that will only improve the performance.

Passion for building performance PC's

Zi-Clone has been going since 2002, where your beige box was starting to learn new tricks.  We have seen the introduction of round IDE cables, to the super good looking SATA cables.  Single LED fans to RGB and then ARGB.  From your mundane to the super cool hard tube open look custom build PC service.

custom GPU and CPU water cooling

We have worked closely we all the top brands, from Asus to Zotac.  We have great relationships with OEM's allowing us to problem solve and provide support when creating custom build PC's.

Intel or AMD, Nvidia or Radeon. You can bring your parts in to us or you can use our experience to help you choose the right custom build PC for your budget.

Our location

With car park facilities and warm friendly showroom its easy to get to and even better inside.  We have our custom gaming PC's that are available for you to play with.  Giving you a good idea of what we do.  Located between junction 9 and 10 on the M6 just of the Pleck Road in Walsall.  You can find us off Rollinmill St, WS2 9EQ.  You can also visit our Facebook and Instagram page for more offers and information.

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