Marvo Scorpion 4-in-1 Gaming Starter Kit



Marvo's Scorpion 4-in-1 gaming starter kit is a peripheral pack that includes a keyboard, mouse, headphones and mousepad. Both the keyboard and mouse have a backlight allowing you to customise your PC set up.

The mouse buttons on the mouse allow you to game with ease. Four different buttons gives you more options to plan your attack. The mouse has four DPI settings and a button to change the speed of your cursor depending on the situation. For normal browsing a higher DPI is often beneficial and but when sniping an enemy at long distance the lower the DPI the better the accuracy. Get those bonus headshots with the aid of Marvo's Scorpion mouse. Furthermore, with a switch rate of 3 million clicks so you can be sure that this mouse will be its money's worth. The mousepad allows you to move the mouse with ease and adds a unique flair to your table.

The Scorpion 4-in-1 also includes a keyboard made for gamers who love to play in the dark; get into the zone without worrying about accuracy with the light-up keys that allow you to play in the cover of night.

The headphone features a mic that allows you to talk during online gaming and the its omnidirectional movement allows you to move it out the way accordingly. The cable length gives your freedom of movement while in your chair. The stereo sound will give you the closest experience to the game that you can imagine.

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