Cooler Master MasterMouse MM520


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Great for Performance, Perfect for Claw Grips

The MasterMouse MM520 is the successor to the Spawn gaming mouse, improved further for claw grip gamers. Reinforced rubber side grip and a ring finger rest ensure long-lasting comfort during the most heated RTS matches. Our hardware is custom-tailored for the high-speed actions of a first-person shooter or a real-time strategy games, with a Pixart 3360 sensor with 12000 DPI and Omron switches to ensure lag-free precision and input during the longest skirmishes. With performance and comfort, this is a deadly tool in your gaming arsenal.

Customized For Your Claw

The MM520 is ideal for those who use a claw grip, best for RTS games. Rubber side grip and a ring finger rest ensure higher responsiveness and precision during competition; while an ergonomic body gives long-lasting comfort for those all-night gaming sessions. Perfect for the hectic chaos of RTS games, the MM520 is built to make the most out of your claw grip.

A Precision Sensor That's Scary

We fitted the MM520 with a Pixart 3660 optical sensor with an adjustable DPI up to 12000. That’s a whole lot of DPI, and it ultimately means no lag, no stutter, and no fighting with your mouse in the thick of it. This mouse ensures your APMs don’t get dragged down.

One Word: Rugged.

The MM520 is built to withstand serious punishment. The rubber grip is built to last, and key points on the frame are composed of long-lasting, wear-free PBT plastic, some of the hardest plastic used to build hardware today. Additionally, Omron switches under the buttons are graded for 20 million presses that remain accurate and true through the end.

Customized Dpi Settings

Set your default DPI, and four separate DPI settings in 100 DPI increments, anywhere from 100 DPI up to 12000 DPI. An onboard DPI switch allows you to make on-the-fly adjustments in precision, allowing you to make changes in your precision level in a snap.

Customize Your Lightshow

For that extra cool factor, the MM520 has three-zone illumination to give your greatest victories a little more meaning.

Manufacturer CoolerMaster
Model MasterMouse MM520
Mouse Grip Type Claw, Palm
Mouse Material Plastic, Rubber
Color M14 Black
LED Colour RGB, 16.7 million colors
Mouse Sensor Pixart PMW3360 Optical
CPI/DPI 4 Levels (100~12,000 DPI) - Default = 400/1200/4000/12000
DPI 400, 1200, 4000, 12000
Mouse Tracking Speed 250 ips / 50 g
Mouse Lift Off Distance < ~2mm / Adjustable
Mouse Polling Rate some value 3
Mouse Tracking Speed 250 ips / 50 g
Mouse Polling Rate 1000Hz / 1ms
Angle Snapping On/Off
Programmable Profiles 5
Mouse Processor 32 bit ARM Cortex M0
Mouse Memory 512 KB
Mouse Switches Omron
Mouse Lifespan 20 million
Programmable Buttons 6
Mouse Cable Flexible Cable | 1.8m
Warranty  2 years

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Weight 0.4 g
Dimensions 7.85 × 11.8 × 2.95 cm