XPG Battleground XL Gaming Mouse Pad



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Smooth and xtra large for great gaming

The Battleground XL Gaming Mouse Pad. Made with smooth, scratch-resistant, and splash-proof CORDURA® fabric. Sporting an extra-spacious footprint, the XPG Battleground XL mouse pad is your foundation for great gaming. And all mice love great gaming surfaces, so pick this up as a great partner for your mouse.

Splash-proof, scratch-resistant CORDURA® fabric

CORDURA® fabric

With splash-proof, scratch-resistant CORDURA® fabric. the Battleground XL's surface gives you the stability and accuracy you'll need to come out on top. So its tough for long term use.

Extra-large gaming surface

The XL gaming surface gives you the freedom to make wide movements.  Giving you the ultimate versatility in any situation. On top of that, The soft surface provides for a comfortable resting platform for your wrists and arms.

The anti-slip rubber base keeps the entire mouse pad firmly in place and prevents it from bunching up to ensure smooth movements every time. So no need to worry about it falling of your desk.


Winner of Performance Computer Editors Choice 04.01.2020.

We have tried out lots of gaming mouse pads.  And at every price point there are some real gems.  Either because of price, qulaity or features.  We have picked for you some of the best mouse pads on the market.  The Battleground XL Gaming Mouse Pad is such a winner in looks and feel.  An excelent parner for any gaming mouse or professional mouse.  Not just for gamers bur power users who need accuracy.  In store demonstrations are available so come in and have a look. You may just be surprised by how much you like the Battleground XL Gamng Mouse Pad.

Mouse Pad Specifications

Material CORDURA® fabric
Width x Length 900 x 420 mm
Depth 3mm
Color Black


Warranty 2 years

Additional information

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