Call of Cthulhu mind bending game in time for Halloween

Great game in time for Halloween

In the world of Hollywood we normally see movie treats for Halloween now we have a game that will get your fright juices flowing.  Just in time for Halloween the Call of Cthulhu trailer has really gave me chills down my spine.  Exploring the story line a bit more shows some real depth, built on an horror RPG by Sandy Petersen this game has some amazing touches.  If you are looking for something a bit out of the ordinary or a change to gaming library then this game must be in for consideration

 Widen your game choices

As always gaming is subjective, what interest me might not interest you. Overall though having a few different genres will widen you view of the gaming industry and maybe uncover some hidden gems.  COD, FiFa and Battlefield have a place in my heart but every so often you do think "I wonder what that would be like".  That's the time where you should give a game like this ago.

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