Good buy 2021, its been epic!

As we come to the end of 2021 we at Zi-Clone would like to thank all our customer and clients for making this last 12 months so enjoyable.  We have had our ups and downs, COVID will still be with us and the effects of it has been felt by many families.  Socially and economically it has its impact, but we as a community have continued to move forward.  Challenges a plenty, lots of custom gaming PC's and happy customers. For all the goodness that we have enjoyed this last 12 months we are eternally grateful.

In technology this 12 months has to be the year of the Graphics card.  If we thought 2020 was crazy, 2021 was the icing on the cake.  Supply has been the biggest challenge for the tech community.  With products coming in dribs and drabs with no fix dates, custom builds became very difficult.  When we custom build PC’s we have a wide range of parts through our supply chain.  Allowing us to deliver on the best possible specification for any budget.  This last 12 months has been very difficult, it has narrowed our window for custom built PC’s.  We still have tried to deliver on our promise of quality product by only choosing the right components.  This on occasion may have taken longer than we normally would do, but overall we have delivered on our promise.

There has been some real highlights, custom watercools.  AMD Threadripper and Intel i9 and even an AMD EPYC!  Our go to server solution has always been Intel Xeon, but lets try something different we thought. Custom builds with custom watercools, hard or soft tube are always stressful and fun. Well fun when its done and we can test the custom PC, and even more fun when we see the reaction on our clients face!  NZXT has been a big part of this years custom PC’s, from coolers, cases and PSU’s.  All we are missing is the motherboard, maybe NZXT custom project for 2022? 

There are too many things to note here on what we have done, some of this can be found on our social media feeds.  In between pictures of our love for all things Jaffacake. Take a look and follow or Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts to keep up-to-date on offers and new tech we are playing with.   

We are looking forward to 2022 and all the new tech that we can get our hands on.  12th Gen Intel and DDR5, AMD Ryzen on DDR5?  AMD’s new graphics cards and Intel graphics card Alchemist.  Whatever you are planning for 2022, hope its full of happiness and good health.

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