Graphics Drivers Power your PC

Drivers whats the big deal? Competition is always fantastic, for us the consumer this is where we see development and change.  And the big battle in the graphics card market has changed very little for so many years.  Key factors of GPU performance, how much RAM the card has how much power it consumes will always be important.

But something that is overlooked is drivers.  Now we know we should update our drivers, and thanks to game software we even get prompts about updating drivers. But why are they so important and how much development is involved?  What’s the big deal?  How much performance and stability can I get from new drivers?

Well from a tech point of view, its massive.  For some customers over the years (yes its coming up to 20 years of servicing the gaming community) it is the sole reason for staying or changing with the manufacturer of the GPU.

The driver competition is just as fierce as the hardware side of the competition.  Both AMD and Nvidia are continuously updating and tweaking drivers to get the most of the graphics card.  And that’s a good thing for us the end user.  It allows us to play the latest AAA title on our2 to 3 year old graphics card.  It helps optimise the performance that we have on our GPU, the possibility of tapping in to the potential that lies dormant in the GPU.

Recent posts on social media from AMD shows how serious AMD take driver development.  Nvida will be just the same.  Latest drivers help reduce latency and makes the game mor competitive. Both AMD and Nvidia will claim extra FPS driven by the latest drivers on current and last generation GPU’s.  From our testing this is really the case, maybe not as much as either company like to claim.  But if you are looking for a change consider our wide range of graphics cards

Take away from this, do the driver update.  Warning!  If you have been doing this long enough you will know every so often, and not very often anymore (thankfully) things can go wrong.  So always backup you PC/Laptop and make sure you create a restore point!

Have fun and keep gaming.

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