Review Guide: Lenovo Star Wars Jedi Challenges

At Zi-Clone, we recently got a bunch of Star Wars AR Headset bundles from Lenovo and I was lucky enough to try it for myself. The bundle is packaged carefully in a large black box that includes a lightsaber controller, a Lenovo Mirage AR headset and a tracking beacon as well as batteries for the tracking beacon and three connectors for iOS and android users. With the instruction manual in my hand and the 'Star Wars: Jedi Challenges' app downloaded on my phone I was ready to set it up.

After unboxing the components and putting the batteries in the beacon, I opened the app and selected my language. Then I pressed play.

The screen then displays a set of instructions that tell you to adjust your volume; once you've set it to your preferred level you can move on to the instructions telling you how to position your tracking beacon.

Once you've done as instructed you will be asked to calibrate your Lightsaber to your phone; if you follow the instructions will work easily. The instruction will then tell you to connect the phone to the cable provided in the box and connect it to the headset so that you can check the box 'Use by default'. This is so that the pop-up will not disturb you as you continue to use the headset. Don't miss this step otherwise the pop up will come up on the screen every time you connect it.

Follow through the rest of the instructions on the screen. Secure the phone in the tray, select a suitable display size for your screen and you'll be finished setting up and ready to play.

I would recommend, before starting to use the device, to turn off the notifications on your phone. The app doesn't block them from coming through, which may distract you when playing the game.

When you're set up you will be able to choose what game you'd like to play. There's also the option to which side you'd like to fight for: dark or light?

I chose the dark side and got a bit of background before getting a tutorial on how to fight with the lightsaber. With the tutorial done I was able to move on to the first boss - Yoda. He is not as easy to fight as he looks, after losing they game will display hints to help you when you inevitably try again. Which I did. It's hard to continue until you've beaten him...

There's also Strategic Combat where you can command armies to aid the rebels in overcoming the forces of evil. Position your fiercest leaders and dangerous weapons strategically on the field for the most optimum outcome. The controls aren't easy to use at first but once you've got the hang of it you can easily beat the Empire fleet.

I wasn't able to use any of the PvP options, like the one on one lightsaber fights and Starship Fleet battles, as I didn't have two bundles to use; however I have no doubt that they are as good as the other games available to play.

Overall, I enjoyed playing with the Star Wars Jedi Challenges set for a few hours and think it is well worth the price that we have it on at the moment. Just some advice before you play. If you have wireless earphone, use them for a more immerisve experience as well as using it in as little light as possible for clearer images. And buy them quick before we run out of stock!

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