Ryzen, is it the return of a legend?

AMD Ryzen 7 - Performance for the people

David and Goliath of I.T

The AMD story is a long one that represent the small guy taking on the giant of the industry.  The ability for many to get in gaming, high end computing was down to AMD giving the people a product that delivered on great value for money.

A bit of history

AMD started in 1969 and has a long history of developing the CPU industry.  Fast forwarding to June of 1999 and we remember the AMD K7 Athlon CPU.  Followed later in 2005 by AMD Athlon X2 range, a processor that Intel said could not be done.  Then came probably a gold period for many AMD fans the Phenom 2 CPU range followed by AM3 and AM3+.  Unfortunately for AMD fans Intel had already started dominating the high end CPU industry with the 2011 socket family this was followed by the now famous Core i range of processors.  AMD did show innovation in the APU sector but this allowed Intel to dominate the middle ground with the Core i5 and Core i3. Skylake then Haswell and now Kabylake left he aging AM3+ range far behind.

Light at the end of the tunnel

There has been a lot of talk from AMD about new architecture and giving back to the AMD fans graphics and processing power at a more affordable price but with close on to similar performance of their illustrious competition NVidia and Intel.  The first step of this was almost achieved with the introduction of the AMD RX480 GPU, a very impressive card for the price.  This got our imagination going about what might be round the corner from AMD when it came to a new processor. It was a long wait but we got the first glimpse of the possibility towards the end of 2016 but it was not until February 2017 before we got to see it again.  It gave a first look on a processor that could keep up with an Intel 2011 socket CPU!

AMD Ryzen

Its been a long time since AMD gave us something to shout about.  It has been the blue team with breakthroughs and exciting new products.  Now AMD have joined the party with production of a 14nm performance processor at nearly half the price of the equivalent Intel CPU!  Somethings are worth waiting for or so they say...

We now have limited stock of the AMD Ryzen 1800x and 1700x in stock and will have the motherboards from Gigabyte and Asus in stock very soon.  We have already developed exciting specifications in our gaming and enthusiast range of PC's.  Reigniting a relationship that has been dormant for a long period of time, our last true AMD gaming rig goes back nearly 2 years!  That was our AMD 8350 8 core gaming PC based round the aging 990 motherboard chipset.  We now look forward to building and testing on the ne X370 motherboard chipset and push the new AMD processor to the max.

Our upcoming test

Project P5 i7 6700K OC

Those of you who have had the chance to come in-store have seen our overclocked 6700K P5 gaming rig.  Well we will have a AMD 1700x directly opposite in the P3 snow set up to mimic the Intel PC and we will directly test them simultaneously to see who the real king of the hill is.





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