Technology and Teenagers

Technology Through The Eyes Of A Teenager

Technology has advanced so much, from the first computer to smart “personal assistant” speakers. Teenagers and most people in general take problems we face everyday and fix them using technology.  So we could say it's main purpose is to be convenient. It’s more convenient to look up a question than to spend hours in the library finding the right book. It’s more convenient to phone someone to see where they are rather than wait around or look for them. It’s more convenient to watch a movie from the comfort of your own home than to go to the pictures. We take for granted how easy life is with technology and don't understand how much more work we’d have to do without it.

Day-to-Day Life with Technology

Technology also impacts us on a smaller scale: our day to day life. We might wake up and check our phone for messages and catch up with the news on the PC before we head to work. We need computers and laptops for work or school and our phone to make business calls or tell our mum we’ll be late home. Then we might come home and switch on the TV while we eat dinner and play a quick game on the games console before bed. Whatever we do we are surrounded by technology everyday, there is little we can do without it.


We also use technology for entertainment purposes and make our day more filled with relaxation and amusement. We watch television and movies as well as spending time on social media. Even the internet can be used as entertainment for playing games or reading stories. Not much of our entertainment comes outside of technology in the modern day. Some may see this as a bad thing but if we kept trying to live in the past we could start going much further back than just before technology.

Stereotypical Teenagers

Many people have a stereotype about teenagers that they are addicted to technology and because of advances in technology we are spoiled. This is not necessarily true. It is unfair to label a whole group of people based on your experiences of a few. Despite our generation being more reliant on technology, because of the era we were born in, previous generations have adapted and realised that technology is the future and it's only going to get bigger.

By Ammarah, aged 15 (GCSE Student)

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