Winter and the snow is falling

Stay safe in the snow

It nice out there especially when you are looking at snow from a well lit and heated home.  But going outside cant be difficult and dangerous, so take extra care.  Wrap up in layers, this will help in maintaining body temperature.  Also giving you the ability to take layers off if the weather improves.  Stay hydrated!  make sure you keep drinking water, dehydration is a problem in the winter as well as the summer.  Well hydrated body is key for good circulation and this will help keep your body warm.  Keep some snack food near, fruit, nuts and some surgery treats will keep those energy levels up.

Sound like an expedition but its always better to take a bit of time to prepare yourself then to be caught out.


Posted by Ziclone Multimedia on Montag, 11. Dezember 2017

 Call before you travel

We will be here for most of the day, but please call as we will be closing early.  The road up Rollingmill St is very bad and vehicles are finding it difficult with snow and ice on the raod.  The best route in these conditions is via Pleck Rd.  We will try to keep everyone informed via our Tweeter, Facebook and Instagram pages.  The forecast from Wednesday onwards is looking like rain, this should mean roads will be clear of snow.


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