Happy new year – new tech in 2022

Well we are 5 days into 2022 and a belated happy New Year to all you out there.  New year means new tech in 2022. We have lots of offers through January and will continue to update our social media with offers and updates on new products.

What I would encourage you to do is look at CES 2022.  Having a brief look through the articles and videos it has got something for everyone.  From Intel and AMD fighting it out for dominance. To Whirlpool smart oven, being so smart that it can now air fry.

Lots of new tech to get your head around, the Verge has a fantastic spread on all the latest news.  It is a great place to look at articles and videos.  The BBC’s Click also have a great segment on CES 2021 on its website. And it's always fun to look at the bloopers in the Infamous moment's clip.

By the end of the week we will have been treated to the tech world telling us how our near future will look and feel like.  Technology has been moving more and more into our personal spaces.  The future of more integration into our everyday life will be the next step. 

Whatever the future holds, CES is always a good starting point to get us thinking and talking.  Make a coffee watch/read and enjoy the show.  CES 2022 starts Tuesday 4th and will run through to the end of Friday 7th

Zi-Clone looking forward

Watch out for our offers on Nvidia GTX and RTX graphics cards in January.  We are also planning on servicing our custom water-cooled Eyefinity display PC.  If you have been into the shop then you will know this custom gaming PC very well. It has been a testbed for much-loved racing simms. While we service the custom water-cooled PC we may even treat it to an upgrade. We will have our progress and testing on our social media platforms.      

Things we are looking forward to. AMD's next processor and the battle with Intel. More mid-range graphics card and USB 4. This is not the only new tech in 2022. As more tech becomes available we will bring you more information. At Zi-Clone we are looking forward to these new technologies. The challenges of learning about them and most of all. Building fantastic custom PC's!

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