Zi-Clone ‘How To’: A Simple Guide to AMD Eyefinity (1 of 3)

Welcome to the first of a 3 week series on how to achieve your AMD Eyefinity setup. We'll give you a simple three step guide on what you need. To make it very simple we've even uploaded images of the products so you know exactly what you're looking for!

What is AMD Eyefinity Technology?

You've heard of surround sound? Well, it's a bit like that but it's surround view. AMD brings you Eyefinity which can be used for gaming, entertainment or to even increase your productivity by using multiple displays to view your content, saving you time by minimising and maximising programs. A simple way to describe Eyefinity is it's a like having a panoramic view, so you can have a single displaying spanning across up to six monitors! We're going to show you how to achieve this across three monitors but the principle is the same for six. You can run up to six monitors independently, which means each screen can display different content!

Eyefinity works with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Let's begin our 'how to':



You first need to pick your AMD eye-finity ready graphics card. There are a wide range available. The prices of the graphic cards vary so we will give you recommendations to keep your cost low and still achieve a satisfying AMD eyefinity experience.

From the long list of graphic cards you can go for, when it comes to value for money we recommend the AMD Sapphire HD 7870 2GB Flex Edition (we'll explain why in part 3). For this graphics card we recommend you have atleast a true 550W power suppy. Here is a link to the graphics card: https://zi-mm.co.uk/shop/sapphire-hd-7850-2gb-gddr5-dual-x-copy/

There are however various AMD graphic cards you can go for but they will fall into 2 catergories. Flex and Non-Flex cards. The difference is that with non-flex cards you will need an extra converter attached to the graphics card (we'll explain why later).


Below is what you need, and next week we'll move on to step 2.

AMD 7870 GRAPHIC CARD ACER V246 MONITORACER V246 MONITORACER V246 MONITORamd eyefinity at zi-cloneamd eyefinity zi cloneamd eyefinity

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