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Technology and Teenagers

Technology Through The Eyes Of A Teenager Technology has advanced so much, from the first computer to smart “personal assistant” speakers. Teenagers and most people in general take problems we face everyday and fix them using technology.  So we could say it's main purpose is to be convenient. It’s more convenient to look up a question than…
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Ryzen, is it the return of a legend?

[caption id="attachment_3602" align="alignright" width="356"] AMD Ryzen 7 - Performance for the people[/caption] David and Goliath of I.T The AMD story is a long one that represent the small guy taking on the giant of the industry.  The ability for many to get in gaming, high end computing was down to AMD giving the people a product that…
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Zi-Clone ‘How To’: A Simple Guide to AMD Eyefinity (1 of 3)

Welcome to the first of a 3 week series on how to achieve your AMD Eyefinity setup. We'll give you a simple three step guide on what you need. To make it very simple we've even uploaded images of the products so you know exactly what you're looking for! What is AMD Eyefinity Technology? You've heard of…
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