I Learn How To Build a PC in 8 Weeks – Week 3

Week 3 - Unboxing

Last week I chose the components for my PC based on what I've read online but today I thought I'd get a different view of the products I've chosen. I'm going to open them up and take a look at each different part and make sure they look how I wanted them to. Also I'll see if they fit together.


At Zi-Clone Multimedia we have the Thermaltake Versa N21 Snow White Case on display at the shop. Looking at the sleek, white case in all it's glory further cemented the idea that this was the case that I wanted for my PC.


I opened up the motherboard box to look at the size of the component and the elements of it. The B450 Aorus M look pretty empty at the moment without all the other pieces on it but I liked the orange elements of it that has the beginnings of a theme. I think overall it's a pretty good base piece.


The processor was not a surprise to look at and wasn't really necessary as it doesn't look different from any other Ryzen processor. However it was nice to put next to the motherboard and picture how they would look together. seeing them side by side you can really tell the motherboard was made for AMD Ryzen processors.


The Team Vulcan Z RAM look cool and the slim grey pieces will go well with my motherboard a sit well inside my machine. After thinking over things from last week I think I will go for an SSD over a hard drive as it will sit well with the res of my pieces. I'm currently looking at either Samsung or Kingston 120GB.

That's all the components we had in store today for me to look at - I am confident with all my choices and can't wait to start building my machine! Done with week 3 now onto week 4...

For now, au revoir!

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